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BullionVault's Miguel Perez-Santalla on Hard Assets InvestorBullionVault’s Miguel Perez-Santalla appeared on Hard Assets Investor for more than nine minutes to speak about the latest market activity, trends in the gold market, and the benefits of owning, managing and trading physical gold.

BullionVault is the world’s largest provider of direct gold bullion ownership to private individuals, with 44,800 private investors in 159 countries, representing $2.2 billion in stored bullion. Excerpt from interview:

Bullion Vault’s main competitor is the ETF market. But we offer a solution for owning physical, which is the cheapest, and competitive to the ETF market. ETFs I think are the fast money. That’s not the sticky money. That’s where you want huge liquidity and to be able to get in and out instantly. But if you’re going to buy and hold over a long period, I think there are other solutions. – Miguel Perez-Santalla

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