Facebook is the One Arm Louie of the Internet

Facebook has become One Arm Louie says Mark Rose of Influence COnsulting GroupWhen I was a teenager hanging out in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn there was an enforcer in the neighborhood named One Arm Louie.  It was understood – anything coming in or going out of the neighborhood, One Arm Louie got a cut. One Arm Louie had no competition and you didn’t question his authority. You didn’t mess with One Arm Louie.

Facebook has become the One Arm Louie of the Internet.

It’s been happening over the past couple of years. But as Facebook has  now attained world domination and subjugation, it believes it can get away with anything. Usually it can.

Facebook has become useless for marketers and brands. They’re hell bent on charging coming and going, forcing you to buy allegiance at multiple levels. Acquisitions are suspect and impact is diluted due to saturation. Mostly, the acquisitions (“Likes”) you buy are fleeting and inappropriate. Can you really quantify leads gathered on Facebook?

Then the Facebook screwing gets personal.

I want to send a message to a friend who has not “friended” me yet. Facebook blocks it and says it will go in some ambiguous “other” folder, with the implication that the message will not be seen. Unless, of course, I pay a ‘toll’ of $1.  Repeat – Facebook will break its own arbitrarily created wall to deliver a message for $1.

See screen capture below.

This is stunning. They are playing with a member’s privacy, benefitting from a false moat that presumably the user is not aware of. Does my friend get to share in Facebook’s bounty that is levied as access to her?

This is banditry, on a scale of One Arm Louie’s skim. And it is audacious. First, Facebook hooks the world on its closed network. Then it exacts myriad tariffs to perform activities there. One Arm Louie would love this business. – Mark Rose

Facebook holds message random for $1.00

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