Gold Demand Dips, Buyers Remain Says Miguel

BullionVaultMarch Gold Demand Falls, But Buyers Remain in MarketPresented by: The Aol. On Network
BullionVault’s gold investor index dips to 53 in March from 53.5 in February. BullionVault vice president Miguel Perez-Santalla tells theStreet’s Joe Deaux that the index fell as investor worries about unrest in Crimea calmed by the end of the month. Coupled with the Fed’s continued tapering of its economic stimulus has pushed gold prices down in recent weeks. Perez-Santalla says the index could continue to dip, but buyers will continue to outnumber sellers in the physical market. Catch Miguel’s New York Markets Live show today, and every Wednesday, Today’s special guest is Frank Holmes, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of U.S. Global Investors.

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02. April 2014 by influx7T9
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