InfluenceWave Launches – combining traditional PR w/social media

01/01/2010, New York, NY: Influence Consulting Group has launched InfluenceWave, integrating traditional PR services with social media and web development for full-scale PR programs that deliver sustainable impact in the online communication era.

InfluenceWave relies on a network of preferred Influence Consulting partners – web designers and developers, videographers, SEO experts – to integrate diverse services in a full-service program. InfluenceWave is not merely an ‘add on’ but a new way of conceptualizing, planning, packaging and delivering PR services.

“Effective PR programs in the digital age require a new set of skills you don’t find in traditional agencies,” says Mark Rose, head of InfluenceWave and partner at Influence Consulting Group. “Just as traditional media has rapidly transformed to delivering news through non-traditional channels, so must PR.”

Influence Consulting, founded in 2005 by Frances Del Valle, is a new kind of PR firm, comprised of public relations pros, and other professional resources customized for each assignment. Influence Consulting services include media relations, editorial services, web development, social media and video production. Influence Consulting includes InfluenceFinancial, devoted to the public relations and marketing needs of financial companies and companies addressing a financial audience, and InfluenceWave, adding social media for dramatic and sustained impact for a broad range of industries.

Influence Consulting we don't just think different, we are different

Influence Consulting we don't just think different, we are different

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Mark Rose is Partner at Influence Consulting Group Inc., Influence Advisor and Influence Wave.

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