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LinkedInLinkedIn informed me yesterday that I am one of the few (million?) chosen to preview their new feature. I can now add presentations, images, videos, blog posts, and even code snippets directly to my LinkedIn profile. This is another big step as LinkedIn becomes a full-fledged social web portal for professionals and businesses. See screen capture below – these are web links and presentations I added to my profile.

NewLinkedIn feature allows you to add visuals and links to your profile Influence Consulting Group on LinkedIn

Other social features on LinkedIn: Updates for personal and business pages, product and services pages for business, RSS feeds from your blog, Twitter feeds. LinkedIn increasingly compels my social networking time because it is targeted to professionals and relatively free of irrelevant, self-promotional noise. I still love LinkedIn.

What about LinkedIn Groups?

Lately I’ve been spending time on LinkedIn groups, commenting on updates, checking out colleagues and acquaintances.  You can have real discussions, engage in an occasional professional tussle, and make valuable connections that can lead to business.Mark Rose Top Influencer LinkedIn

True, there’s an increasing stream of thoughtless nonsense flowing through LinkedIn Groups, and some self-appointed control freaks who seem to thrive on petty power plays. It takes a bit of vetting and selective attention, like any gathering, but it’s possible to gain insight and develop professional relationships through LinkedIn Groups.

You can even attain the coveted status of “influencer.” Screen capture above shows my “influencer” position in the PR Professionals group, mostly based on the conversation around my blog post The Future of PR 2013 Creation + Distribution.  I needed the screen capture because the “influencer” race is never-ending.  A couple of days later you can drop to the bottom. I understand LinkedIn’s motivation – they want more posts, more engagement, a constant competition for top influencers. But it’s mostly irrelevant and annoying when they decide who my ‘influencers” are and send me emails as a prompt to follow them.

How Should You Use LinkedIn?

You can use LinkedIn as your professional web portal. You don’t need a designer or coder and it’s free unless you go Premium. Theoretically, you don’t need a website or a blog if you give LinkedIn time and attention. If you’re in business, it’s still the preferred way to be social. – Mark Rose | LinkedIn:

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