Miguel on CNBC: Bullish on Gold

CNBCInfluence Consulting Clients Make News: Miguel Perez-Santalla, Vice President of BullionVault in New York appeared on CNBC “Street Signs” to debate the value of gold in a portfolio today. Miguel was joined byBill O’Neill of Logic Advisors. Miguel is bullish on gold. See excerpt from transcript on the show below video segment.


I’m older than the U.S. dollar. People have to take a position in something that will last and hold value and that’s why people consider gold an important part of their portfolio. We’re looking for gold to bottom out somewhere around the levels that we’re close to now. 1050 is projected bottom for the market, plus they’re saying mining costs are between $800 and $1200, so we’re very close to the bottom. You know, it’s looking good for investors and people buying gold through dollar cost averaging. They’re liking it at the moment.  – Miguel Perez-Santalla on CNBC

Miguel Perz-Santalla on CNBC

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