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The new public relations doesn’t have to be complicated or daunting. There is no need to separate social media or digital communications into its own category or develop new disciplines. It is not necessary for web developers and marketing and PR to quibble over who handles web-based communications.

Keep it simple. In the ‘new’ PR we create news and then distribute news. Both sides of the equation are within our control. Consider a new three step process to effective public relations in the digital era:

  1. Plan - A company or individual is set to announce a new product or service, a significant new executive appointment, valuable intelligence or a survey with surprising results. In the old days you would create a static press release, develop a pitch, hit the phones, blast out emails, and beg the established media for coverage. These days we need to consider the distribution side of the equation carefully before we craft any copy.
  2. Create - Your news will live on-line and benefit you over time. Keywords are key. Consider Scribe, a new WordPress plug-in that assists with keywords as you create copy. Write for the web. Write for your constituents, partners and employees. The media will find you on the web. Create digital assets that work for you and enhance media relations.
  3. Distribute - A ‘social’ press release is as simple as a blog post (what you are reading now). This website is created in WordPress, a free open source platform. The news section is a “blog,” meaning it can be easily tagged, re-purposed through Twitter and Facebook, scanned by search engines pushed through RSS.

Taking control of your PR news creation leads to better search engine placement, enhanced media relations, and builds your digital asset inventory.

the new public relations - news creation + news distribution = web copy, marketing materials, press release, intelligence, presentations, etc. distributed across the web via Twitter, YouTube, RSS, widgets, blogs

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17. February 2010 by influx7T9
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