Springtime & Baseball in NYC

Alex Rodriquez watches a homer at Yankee Stadium

Alex Rodriquez watches a homer at Yankee Stadium

Although we have partners all over the world we are a New York City-based company, which means we’re Yankee fans.

Nothing thrills us more than a fast start to a new season by the venerable Yankees. That means that the veterans – A-Rod, Posada, Rivera, Sabathia, et al – do what they’re paid enormous sums of $ for, and the newbies step up and show that they can play on the Big Stage, as Ivan Nova did yesterday in defeating the Twins.

Springtime  in NY means flowers and trees blooming in Central Park, and the Yankees setting the stage for a run at the playoffs. How sweet it is.

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05. April 2011 by influx7T9
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