Blumenthal in Forbes: Greatest High Yield Investment Opportunity Of Our Lifetime Could Be Coming

From Steve Blumenthal’s weekly market commentary On My Radar:

Forbes“I wrote a piece for Forbes this week about how the investors’ chase for yield will end badly. The quality of new issuance is – simply junk. A default wave is ahead. That’s actually good news as I see one of the greatest buying opportunities of a lifetime in the not too distant future. Remember the 20% yields on high yield bonds in 2008. My two cents is that the coming opportunity will be even better.


In the piece, I share a simple trend following strategy you can use to help identify the change in cyclical trend. I hope you find it helpful. For now, the high yield bond trend is positive.”

See the full story in Forbes: Junk Bonds Are The Investment Opportunity Of A Lifetime, Not Just Yet.

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06. April 2015 by influx7T9
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