Blumenthal Talks About the Fed and Tactical Investing Strategy With WSJ Live

Steve Blumenthal, CMG Capital Management CEO, on Markets Hub, WSJ LiveInvestors are talking about how the Fed just might pull this off today, but there might be some risks to avoid still. Steve Blumenthal, CMG Capital Management CEO, joins Markets Hub at the WSJ Live. See video below or on WSJ Live: Markets Ask: Will the Fed Pull it Off?.

What can investors do? Excerpt from Steve’s comments:

It’s better to have a very large core allocation to tactical trading strategies that can trade up trends and down trends that aren’t focused on a long directional bias. The long directional bias around the corner is another 20 – 30% correction. I’m not sure when that’s going to be. You don’t want to fight the Fed, but at some point the unwind behind this is very troublesome, and the interest rate and inflation pressures are stealing from retirees portfolios.


Have targeted bets but have a large core that has the flexibility to be defensive and to trade in different directions.

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