Fire Your Social Agency Says Bray

David Bray, dBray Media, Influence Consulting Group partner networkDavid Bray, head of upstart dBray Media, wrote a story in Bulldog Reporter that is reverberating around social PR circles. What Your “Social Media” Agency Does Would Make You #SICK! is the title.

Are “social media” agencies a scam that are hurting the perception of the PR business? Bray gives an example of “social malfeasance” that is symptomatic of the ‘pass-along, markup, and don’t add value’ genre of social agencies that proliferate today.

Bray is a member of the Influence Consulting partner network.  We’re not a social agency, although social media is a core competency that enhances other services like content marketing, publicity, and editorial. With minimal overhead we’re able to offer high-level services and accomplished professionals who add measurable, verifiable value – with no markups – to all our clients.

Lead-in to Bray’s piece:

Buyer beware—social media agencies are the emperor without clothes. They define themselves by a channel, but are typically nothing more than glorified brokers that outsource cobbled-together ‘integrated’ marketing services (video production, PR, website development, SEO, etc). They justify their role as a “strategic manager” of these services and charge clients a premium “mark-up” fee while limiting the client’s direct exposure to the vendor. Why? Read full story in Bulldog Reporter.

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21. May 2014 by influx7T9
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