Huge Upheaval in Personal Finance Media Today

Wall Street JournalCan it be true that the Wall Street Journal Personal Finance section is being axed?  The financial media reacting in horror and in unison – from The New York Times to Reuters to Money Magazine. Reporters and editors urged everyone to re-post their fav stories.

No more Jason Zweig? That was most mortifying. Financial journalists and prominent financial professionals were aghast. NYTimes story (Dow Jones Begins New Round of Layoffs.

What happens now? Some predict that the fired journalists will band together and start their own perfi news outlet, and be more successful than they were under Murdoch’s thumb. Where will Jason Zweig end up, or will this outburst of support for wsjperfi mitigate the damage.

Always remember when pitching financial perfi journalists – they are under tremendous pressure to produce more stories in a shorter period of time through more outlets. And then this can happen. Be sensitive to the precarious conditions that journalists labor under today. Sample Twitter reaction below.

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