Private Equity Embraces Social Media

A financial audience is tech-savvy, information hungry, highly involved in social media. Finance media covers a broad area, from mass-retail CNNMoney to institutional, global derivatives research.

Within finance media, the private equity press is showing surprisingly robust use of all manner of social media to deliver a constant stream of news and information. Private equity firms, and companies feeding the private equity business, can seek coverage from online media, and can also learn much about how to deliver their news directly to target audiences through their own distribution channels, such as Twitter, videos, blogs, RSS.

Quick scan of private equity outlets online: Private Equity OnlinePrivate Equity Information | Private Equity Analyst – Dow Jones | Private Equity Beat – WSJ blog |  Private Equity Hub – Reuters (see below) | Private Equity Insider

peHUB was launched in November 2006 as an evolution of the PE Week Wire, a daily email publication that has provided private market news and analysis since 2000. It currently serves more than 50,000 readers. Both sources are edited by Dan Primack, editor-at-large for Thomson Financial. Primack helped create the PE Week Wire in July 2002 (now the peHUB Wire), and has served as its editorial voice ever since. Other contributors to the HUB include editors and reporters for Thomson Reuters’ other private equity-related news sources, such as Buyouts Magazine (, Venture Capital Journal (, Private Equity Week ( and European Venture Capital Journal (

  • peHub aggregates news through email alerts, Twitter, videos, RSS
  • Off-line community: “Shindigs” in NYC bars
  • Fully socialized video news reports

Private Equity Hub videos | Private Equity Hub Twitter

Dan Primack, editor-at-large for Thomson Financial, Private Equity Hub

4,000 Private Equity Hub Twitter Followers

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