Twitter Warriors Re-Define PR

Cataclysm in Egypt Spells New Dawn for Communications: Are You Ready to Be a Twitter Warrior?

By Mark Rose, Partner, Influence Consulting Group

The cataclysm of the last 16 days in Egypt should cause everybody in public relations, and any communications related field, to stop and reassess what they are doing. Although this story is far from over, in a little over two weeks the central tenet of the unchained Internet has been proven—that the free flow of information, regardless of physical or sociological boundaries, leads to a democratization of information and the liberation of repressive regimes. Twitter is mightier than the gun. We may not know where Egypt is headed, but as President Obama said, it can never go back to the way it was. Read more in

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Mark Rose is Partner at Influence Consulting Group Inc., Influence Advisor and Influence Wave.

09. February 2011 by influx7T9
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